KALO Therapeutic Preschool 

The Kalo plant is a foundational part of Hawaiian culture. When the first voyagers arrived on the shores of the Hawaiian Islands nearly 1,500 years ago, Kalo was one of the few sacred plants they carried with them. In the same spirit, the Kalo Therapeutic Preschool program strives to be a foundational starting place for children on the autism spectrum.


Not all preschools are built the same

Autism Preschool Hawaii

Many decades of research now affirms that early and intensive intervention is a defining aspect of treatment for children diagnosed with autism. Not all early intervention programs are the same. Many children with autism are placed into general “special education” programs that do not have a specific focus on autism. Other preschool programs group children with autism together, but do not have an established and researched curriculum that guides the interventions. In response to the evident need for more robust early intervention services Malama Pono launched the Kalo Therapeutic Preschool Program.

A preschool built for autism

When you first tour the Kalo classroom you will find all the sights and colors of a typical classroom; however, quickly you will see this is not like other programs. The Kalo Therapeutic Preschool Program is based on a well-researched, federally funded preschool program specifically designed for children on the autism spectrum. First developed at the University of Washington, it has now been replicated across several states. Malama Pono is excited to provide this innovative and specialized classroom for the children of Hawaii.

Autism ABA Preschool

Meeting the therapeutic needs of the child

Autism ABA Preschool

One of the core components of this program is the integration and collaboration of multidisciplinary services. Children with autism don’t only require behavior modification. They also have speech and communication challenges. Many of them need dietary and feeding consultations. Over half of children diagnosed with autism have limitations benefitting from occupational therapy and we haven’t even begun to talk about counseling for siblings, parents and the rest of the family. The Kalo Preschool Program is innovative in the integration of these professionals including Speech and Language Pathologists, Behavior Analysts, Occupational Therapists, and Psychologists all on staff in the program.

An ABA Preschool for children with Autism

Malama Pono is proud to offer one of the most robust early intervention programs for children and families in Hawaii. We welcome families and professionals to come tour our classroom and learn more.