Healthcare in the age of Fake News

There used to be three channels on the TV. If you wanted to send a message out to a broad audience, you had to get on one of those three channels. Getting your message on one of those three channels was really hard. That meant that only the most important and most accurate information made it through.

How many channels does your TV have now? How many web pages does the internet have?

The amount of information we have access to is endless and often makes it difficult to determine what is important and accurate information- and what is fake news.

We make lots of important decisions but perhaps few are as important as choosing who we are going to trust to care for your children. Malama Pono takes this responsibility seriously and since it’s inception has worked to be one of the best providers in Hawaii.

It is for this reason we are very excited to announce Malama Pono as been recognized and awarded by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence as one of the top providers in the country.

This is not an award you can purchase or win by getting enough votes on the internet. This isn’t fake news.

Malama Pono voluntarily submitted to an intensive and multifaceted audit in 2018 which included interviewing our leadership, anonymously surveying staff and parents, reviewing our clinical records, and most importantly: Evaluating our clinical outcomes.

In the end the findings confirmed that we are on the right track: Malama Pono takes great care of kids and families, takes pride in seeing lives changed and is one of the best in Hawaii.

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